The current advances in the field of VLSI have facilitated systems to be more compact, highly reliable and operate at high speeds. These advances demand for skilled engineers who can contribute to designing miniature, high speed, reliable and high performance systems. This in turn calls for an urgent need to produce quality engineers who can conceive, design and develop VLSI and Embedded Systems.

The M. Tech in VLSI and Embedded Systems is a 2-years Masters Degree Programme for students interested in the current and expanding field of VLSI circuit design, to equip students with detailed knowledge of latest technologies and the skills required to apply this knowledge in the design of VLSI systems. This programme is also to prepare students for leading edge positions in industry in the areas of VLSI and Embedded Systems.

The programme curriculum is aimed at (i) VLSI system design: Hardware description Languages, System Architectures, Physical designs, Verification techniques, Simulation & Synthesis, Low power design techniques, Mixed mode design methodologies (ii) Embedded System Design: Advanced Embedded Microcontrollers, Real Time Embedded Systems, Advanced Embedded System Design and System On Chip.

On successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to: design, develop and prototype VLSI systems, apply verification, design-for-test techniques to IC designs for testable designs and high yield, Use Hardware Description Languages to design cores and standalone logic.

Objectives :
To develop world class professionals equipped with all aspects of VLSI and Embedded design methodologies. To expose students to the complexities and design methodologies of current and advanced IC designs.

The Department has dedicated Laboratories equipped with Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools such as (1) Microwind (2) Synthesis tool from Xilinx (3) FPGA trainer Kits. (4) CPLD trainer Kits.

The students will get an opportunity to participate in projects related to Design and Synthesis of Digital Circuits, Verification and Testing of VLSI circuits.