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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
The language of art is universal. Everybody, in spite of age, nationality, occupation understands what is said by the painter. Art is great only if it has links with people’s lives, interests, ideals. If it hasn’t, it won’t be understood and acknowledged. Real art appeals to the heart and mind of a man, to his feelings and it proclaims life. SISTec is the only college that provides a huge platform for the students to showcase their creativity. Art Club provides an outlet for those wanting to unleash their creative side.
"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"
Dancing provides a creative outlet for students interested in all forms of dance. Dancing allows one to express oneself and provides physical/mental refreshment and relaxation. The new SISTec Dance Club is a diverse, fun and exciting group which shares a love for dancing. Its mission is to provide a haven for its members to express themselves through the art of dance as well as an outlet for camaraderie, socialization, and spirituality. In the course of presentations, the SISTec Dance Club serves as a leader within the college community. We continuously strive to raise the level of performance and exceed the standard by which dance teams are evaluated. College Dancers come from many diverse backgrounds and are united in striving for common goals; achieving academic excellence, promoting spirit, and serving as positive community role models.
'Literature is a civilization in itself'
For the complete development of a person’s personality, the power of both knowledge and its articulation play a complementary role. Each is incomplete without the other. The SISTec Literary Club, an essential area, is intended to motivate the students in preparing them for real tasks outside the class room, making them more proficient in communication skills, oratorical skills and providing students the opportunity to exhibit their talents. The club trains its students in various areas like extempore, speeches, debates, poetry recitation, declamation and anchoring various programmes in the college.
"Music is more than entertainment. Music is art. Music is skill. Music is practice. Music is life."
Music is an integral part of our everyday lives. Researchers have studied that music participation benefits students in ways that are directly or indirectly linked to higher academic achievement in general. Music fuels the mind and thus fuels our creativity. A creative mind has the ability to make discoveries and create innovations. Performing with others also helps students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students who play an instrument in a band need to acquire certain social and emotional skills necessary to be a contributing member, including discipline, collaboration, patience, persistence, and motivation. In addition, performing in front of others helps boost student’s self-esteem and gives them the opportunity to overcome fears and see that they can succeed. Whether you sing, play an instrument, or are simply a music fan, you don’t have to be a musical theater major in order to continue your interests in college. So come on friends, let’s embrace the part in our self yearning to groove to beats and cut loose.
The Music Club, through exemplary practices in organization, training, and presentation, should endeavour to provide effective experiences in musical education, in music culture, in musical recreation and in general citizenship.
The mission of Music Club is to empower individual creativity at the crossroads of technology and music. We affirm our faith in and our devotion to the Music Club, which, as a serious and distinctive medium for musical expression, may be of vital service and importance to its members, its institution, and its art. To its institution the Music Club will offer adequate concerts and performances at appropriate functions and ceremonies, in the interest of music culture and entertainment, and for the enhancement of institutional spirit and character.

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