S.No. S.No. Name of Teacher Title of the book/ chapters published National / International Year of publication ISBN/ISSN Number of proceedings Name of publisher
  1 Dr. Rashmi Dwivedi Finite Element Analysis of Aluminum, Brass Alloy Cylindrical Cups Using Without Blank-holder International 2015 978-93-84743-13-0 Bonfring
  2 Dr. Rashmi Dwivedi Experimental & Finite Element Analysis of Mild Steel Impeller Sheet in a Deep Drawing Process through Trapezoidal Dies International 2015 978-93-84743-13-0 Bonfring
  3 Dr. Prem Kumar Chaurasiya Numerical Analysis of Flow Characteristics of Plunger Valve using CFD International 2019 978-620-0-27933-0 Lambert Academic Publishing
  4 Dr. Prem Kumar Chaurasiya Numerical Simulation of Elbow Draft Tube at Unsteady Flow Condition International 2018 978-3-659-63168-9 Lambert Academic Publishing
  5 Dr. Prem Kumar Chaurasiya Application of Remote Sensing in Wind Resource Assessment International 2019 978-0-12-803581-8 Elsevier