Series of webinars organized by Mechanical Engineering Dept SISTec Gandhi.


Looking at the current situation of the pandemic, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering took initiative to conduct a series of webinars on "Mechanical Engineering: A Boon to Serve the Mankind Post Covid-19" sponsored by RGPV under TEQIP-III on 20th June 2020.


Eminent experts like Mr. Vinay Piparsania (Founder & CEO Principal Millen Strat, Ex President Ford India, EX President BMW Group Oman etc), Mr. Anuj Guglani (CEO, Word Auto Forum), Mr. Amresh Khar (Co-Founder & CEO, Mad About Wheels) delivered their expert talks in the benign presence of Dr Sunil Kumar (Vice Chancellor RGPV), Dr S C Choubey (TEQIP Coordinator, Principal SISTec Dr Keshavendra Chaudhary and Head of the Dept Dr Ravishanker V Choudri.


More than 130 technocrats attended these series of Webinars through Google Meet and were extremely thankful to the experts.


Dr Sunil Kumar, Vice Chancellor RGPV, appreciated SISTec for always a front runner to take initiatives something unconventional and appreciated the efforts of Mechanical Engineering Dept SISTec GN for this kind of webinar with the choice of relevant topic in this pandemic situation.


First speaker was Mr Vinay Piparsania, who enlighten the participants about jobs, Start-up's and entrepreneurship for Mechanical Engineers in the field of automobiles post Covid-19. He added his life experiences in it and amazed the audience with his alluring observations.


Then next expert was Mr Anuj Guglani, who focused on the challenges faced by Mechanical Engineers and their solutions based on his experiences and suggested many things to newcomers in this field.


The last expert was Mr Amresh Khar who delivered his session based on Link your Stories in a very innovative way to put the various perspectives in the form of stories.


The participants from various parts of India were extremely happy to enlighten themselves by attending these sessions.


Questionnaire session was also conducted after each session.

Heartfelt Gratitude to Honorable Chairman Sir, MD Sir, Principal Sir, Vice Principal Ma’am, Khuswaha Sir, HoD Sir and all the participants for their constant motivation and support to make this Series of webinars a great success.


Last but not least, many thanks to Dr Rashmi Dwivedi for successfully coordinating this event on all fronts.


  • Date: 17-06-2021