Webinar on "Welding as a Career, The Untold Success" organized by Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, SISTec Gandhi Nagar Bhopal. Where, our expert Mr. Devendra Gope (Business Development Manager, Western and Central India Fronius India Pvt Ltd) delivered his expert talk.

Webinar was quite amazing to come across various myths and facts about the career in this field. In the few past years many innovative technologies have been developed in welding. It was quite surprising to know than not only men but numbers of women are also working in this field and making difference. Based on experience Mr Devendra Gope suggested many things to newcomers in this field.

Fronius India Pvt Ltd is Apple and Google of its field and developed many new techniques itself which are being used in the various industries now a days. The participants from various parts of India were extremely happy to enlighten themselves by attending this session. Questionnaire session was also conducted after each session.

Webinar is not just a good way to learn something new and to get a piece of fresh information really fast, but also a good opportunity to look at a problem from other people’s perspective and to hear about their personal experience in solving those issues.

Heartfelt Gratitude to Honorable Chairman Sir, MD Sir, Principal Sir, Vice Principal Ma’am, Khuswaha Sir, HOD Sir and all the participants for their constant motivation and support to make this Series of Webinars a great success. Department is also thankful to Dr Prem Kumar Chaurasiya for successfully coordinating this event on all fronts.


  • Date: 17-06-2020