Day 1

On the 1st day of workshop Prof Sanjay Chhalotre sir gave basic knowledge of Automobiles and also make student aware about the current technology of automobile.

In Second Session Mr. Indrabhan Chauhan started the topic by providing students the basic knowledge about ATV and interesting engineering design and technology used by leading companies in all over the world.


Day 2

On the 2nd  day of workshop Mr. Indrabhan Chauhan delivered the lecture on Braking Systems and gave a brief description of brakes to students.

Apart from that he also guide Student how to design brakes for an automobile and what type of calculations are necessary for designing a brake mathematically.


Day 3

On the 3rd day of workshop Mr. Indrabhan Chauhan delivers the lecture about the suspension system and gave a brief description of different types of suspension used in ATV and other vehicles.
Apart from that he also guide students how to design the suspension mathematically.


Day 4

On the 4th day of workshop Mr. Indrabhan Chauhan delivers the lecture about the steering system and Tyres and guide students about designing of steering and selection of tyre.

By covering this topics Mr. Indrabhan Chauhan completed the mathematical designing and gave a bit hint of software “Solid-Works”.



On 5th day of workshop CAD Modelling session was started. In this day Solidworks was introduced to the students. Comparison between ordinary drafting method and modern software was told.  They have learned 2-D drawing in Solidworks and some basic features of it. 


3-D modelling was introduced and students learned how to apply these commands and also made various models including, ball, rails, stepped shaft and some complex geometries using Extrude Boss, Swept, extrude Cut etc.

Day- 7

On this day students work on remaining 3-D commands and did hands on. Students have learned the name of different sections of roll cage and we have started the construction of it using the combination of 2-D and 3-D sketch. 


It was the last date of CAD Modelling in this lecture students have completed the roll cage model using 3-D sketch and then provide material to the structure using Weldment command.



On 9th day students have made Roll Cage using PVC to insure the Ergonomics of design. Student completed it under the guidance of Mr. Kunal Verma and Rahil Patel. Students learn the physical representation and utility of everything what they have made in Virtual modelling.


  • Date: 26-06-2021